The Rukwa project is located in south western Tanzania with the Company holding 15 Prospecting Licences, covering an area of approximately 3,590 km2.

Rukwa hosts independently verified (SRK-2019) Best-Estimate Unrisked Prospective Recoverable Helium Resource (2U/P50) of 138Bcf, making this the largest known primary helium resource in the world.  Helium One has identified 21 prospects and 4 leads based on high-resolution aerial gravity survey and 1,100 line kilometres of re-processed seismic data.  Helium concentrations up to 10.2%He have been recorded in surface seeps, representing incredible high grade compared to typical values of 0.1-0.3% associated with hydrocarbon by-product production.

Drill locations have been identified in three distinct geographic areas to test different types of trap and seal configurations. Maximum drilling depth for these wells are estimated at 1,200 m.

The closest town to the project is Mbeya which is approximately 130 km away and is the fifth largest city in Tanzania.  Mbeya can be accessed along the A7/TANZAM highway and excellent infrastructure exists in the town to support project operations.

Examples of Rukwa project trapping styles: half-graben faulting, rollovers and tilted fault blocks

Schematic stratigraphic section for the Rukwa project drilling

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