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Balangida project

A clean and sustainable source of helium

The Balangida project area is located in north-central Tanzania. The Company hold one Prospecting Licence covering an area of approximately 134km2 which encompasses the entire basin. Gas sampling of surface seeps during 2015, and more recently in 2022, returned helium concentrations up to 10.6% He from thermal springs.

PLs held across the Eyasi and Balangida Projects
Soil gas sampling Balangida Basin 2022
AGG gravity-gradiometry map over the Balangida Basin
Depth to magnetic basement map over Balangida PL 10704 – 2022_23 Getech study for He1

Like lake Eyasi, Lake Balangida is a shallow seasonal salt lake, hosted within a sedimentary basin with potential for the development of good reservoir, trap and seal. It is positioned on the eastern arm of the East Africa Rift System (EARS) against the helium-sourcing Tanzanian Craton. The Company acquired a 1,537km Airborne Gravity Gradiometry (AGG) survey in 2016 and have recently processed and reviewed this data to aid an improved understanding of the basin structure and prospectivity. A basin-wide multispectral satellite spectroscopy (MSS) seep study in 2021 has also confirmed the presence of these known seeps and has aided our exploration efforts.

The project benefits from established infrastructure and is 690km from the port of Dar es Salaam via a sealed arterial road. The project is 100km from the regional capital, Singida.

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