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A clean and sustainable source of helium

Helium’s unique combination of physical and chemical characteristics make it a high-value commodity with numerous applications in crucial fields of industry and technology.

A clean and sustainable source

Primary helium not associated with hydrocarbon

1,000 litres of helium from Qatar North Field requires the production of 2,500,000 litres of hydrocarbon.

  • Majority of helium is currently sourced as a low grade byproduct with hydrocarbon
  • As we transition towards a green economy, production of hydrocarbon will reduce
  • Helium One focusses on primary helium associated with Nitrogen carrier gas
  • Helium One can produce carbon neutral helium

Streamlined energy and carbon reporting

As per the Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) Regulations published in 2018 quoted companies and large unquoted companies that have consumed more than 40,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of energy in the reporting period must include energy and carbon information within their directors’ report.

Helium One Global Ltd and the Group do not currently exceed this threshold and are therefore presently exempt from the SECR reporting requirements. The Group intends to publish energy emissions data in line with the SECR regulations as the Group’s projects develops.


The Group undertakes its activities in a manner that minimises or eliminates negative environmental impacts and maximises positive impacts of an environmental nature.

Health and safety

The Group operates a comprehensive health and safety programme to ensure the wellness and security of its employees. The control and eventual elimination of all work-related hazards requires a dedicated team effort involving the active participation of all employees. A comprehensive health and safety programme is the primary means for delivering best practices in health and safety management. This programme is regularly updated to incorporate employee suggestions, lessons learned from past incidents and new guidelines related to new projects with the aim of identifying areas for further improvement of health and safety management. This results in continuous improvement of the health and safety programme. Employee involvement is regarded as fundamental in recognising and reporting unsafe conditions and avoiding events that may result in injuries and accidents.

Corporate Governance Statement

A central tenet of our mission is to ensure the Company continues to maintain the highest operational standards across its activities and the communities in which it works. This also applies to sustainability and is something we continue to review as the business develops.

Last updated 23 January 2023

UN Global Compact

Helium one operates in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals 8, 9, 11, 12, & 13:

Long term training and employment opportunities
Helium critical to next-gen technologies
Multi-generational economic growth
Helium sourced with minimal environmental impact
Helium without associated hydrocarbon dependency

The Company is working in partnership with The University of Dar es Salaam to provide technical and academic skills transfer, and has established a programme providing assistance for local schools within the Rukwa basin where Helium One operates.

Preference is given to indigenous companies supplying in-country logistics and services, and local workers form the surrounding villages and towns during exploration.