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Eyasi project

Developing a strategic resource

The Eyasi Rift project area is located in north-central Tanzania. The Company holds three Prospecting Licences covering an area of approximately 807km2. Gas seep analysis conducted during 2015 found helium concentrations up to 4.3% He from thermal springs.

Lake Eyasi sits within the rift basin and is a shallow, seasonal salt lake, which over time may have generated good sealing properties within the younger stratigraphy. The Eyasi basin sits within the eastern branch of the East African Rift System (EARS) up against the Tanzanian Craton which is thought to be the main source of helium generation.

Exploration to date has shown that the Eyasi Project has geological similarities to the Rukwa Project, demonstrating the potential to host a helium deposit. Salt within Eyasi basin could decrease the seal risk and the Company believes that there is significant underexplored potential at Eyasi. The Company is currently evaluating the depth to basement and rift geometry of the basin using gravity-magnetic techniques. An extensive Multispectral satellite spectroscopy (MSS) seep study over the basin in 2021 has also confirmed the presence of these known seeps and has aided our exploration effort.

The project is supported by established infrastructure and is 800km from the port of Dar es Salaam via a sealed arterial road. Arusha, Tanzania’s fourth largest city is 150km from the project.

Activity map Eyasi Basin
Magnetic RPT derivative data illustrating basement faults and fractures – 2022_23 Getech study for HE1

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