An independent specialist explorer focussed on delineating and developing globally significant helium assets in Tanzania




and Helium One

The global helium market is expected to exceed US$6 billion in 2016. The price of bulk liquid helium has risen more than 100% in the last ten years. This trajectory is anticipated to continue, with supply constrained over the mid to long term, and demand forecast to increase due to new applications coming on stream.

The Helium One team are well positioned to capitalise on the opportunities within the helium market, combining the operational, technical and commercial experience to efficiently unlock the value of this globally significant helium discovery.

“Helium is more than just a delightful gas that floats balloons and gives us Mickey Mouse voices. It boils—which is to say, becomes a gas—at minus 452.2 degrees Fahrenheit. Or, put another way, it becomes a liquid at the lowest temperature of any element in the universe. So superchilled liquid helium plays an irreplaceable role in scientific research.”

WIRED 2015