Current Projects

Helium One Global holds 4,512km2 of Prospecting Licences in three areas; the Rukwa, Balangida and Eyasi projects. These projects all have surface seeps with Helium concentrations up to 10.6% He, and are underlain by ideal source, trap and reservoir geology.

Being a first mover in East Africa allows Helium One Global to control a globally significant Helium-bearing province.

Helium One permits were initially granted in 2015, 2016 and 2017 as Prospecting Licences for helium, classified as an Industrial Mineral under Tanzanian legislation. Prospecting Licences were renewed with the Ministry of Mines during 2020.  Licences are valid for three years and can be renewed for a further two-year period.

The exploration permits are located near surface seeps, with helium concentrations ranging between 2.5% and 10.6% by volume.  The presence of surface seeps led the company to explore and identify ideal geological conditions for subsurface helium accumulations.

The Company has identified 21 prospects and 4 leads in the Rukwa Rift Basin and is targeting a 2U/P50 Un-risked Prospective Resource of 138.0 billion standard cubic feet (Bscf) (100% equity) (SRK Consulting report 2019).

The Rukwa project is considered an advanced exploration project, and as such, the Company has designed a fast track exploration programme to propel Rukwa to Feasibility Stage and on to development phase.  Both the Eyasi and Balangida projects are considered as early stage exploration projects.


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