First mover in a new helium province with the potential to significantly increase the world’s helium inventory

Independent experts have estimated an Unrisked Prospective Recoverable Helium Resource (P50) of 54.2 billion standard cubic feet for the Rukwa Project

With numerous industrial and technological applications, helium combines a unique blend of characteristics which make it a high value commodity. Over the past 10 years, world prices for bulk liquid helium have increased by an estimated 106%. New applications for helium are expected to further intensify demand, further highlighting the strategic value of Helium One’s assets, which have demonstrated potential to host large volumes of helium, and are free of greenhouse gases.



An element with unique and varying useful properties, but with finite global reserves.


Increasingly used in the industrial, medical, technological, and scientific fields.


A buoyant market with expanding demand, leading to a 106% price increase since 2005.


Strategically located, high grade and large scale with and a first mover advantage.